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About Vizachero Motors

Jeff Vizachero, owner of "Vizachero Motors", grew up in the local community of Allen Park, Michigan and continues to live in the downriver area.

Jeff  started out in 1977 (age 14) in his fathers repair shop. He worked his way through the business learning everything from uni-body & frame repair to custom paint refinishing.

In 1987, (age 24), Jeff went out on his own and opened "Down River Alignment". This eight-bay facility performs all types of repairs on cars, light trucks, SUVs, Vans, Hot Rods or Classics. Repairs performed include all aspects of alignments, brake & ABS brake repairs, steering & suspension repairs, lowering kits, lift kits, specialty welding & fabricating, frame repair or replacement and wheel balancing.

In 2001, (age 38), Jeff started "Engine Tech Center", a 20,000 sq ft facility specializing in engine rebuilding, engine replacement & engine performance. "Engine Tech" performs all types of driveline & drivability repairs, custom exhaust work & transmission repairs on most vehicles including high performance vehicles, hot rods & classics.

In 2003, (age 40), Jeff recognized another opportunity to serve his customer in the car rental business. Instead of using outside vendors Jeff started his own. "Company Car Rental" started with one vehicle and purchased additional vehicles when needed. Today, "Company Car Rental has a fleet of over 60 vehicles to choose from. Renting to everyday customers, repair shops, dealerships or body shops.

In 2005, (age 42), "Vizachero Motors" was started when Jeff out grew his auto sales business which was then operating out of the engine tech facility. Jeff believes he out grew that location due to the need for good quality, certified first, used vehicles. "Vizachero Motors" keeps an inventory of around 50 vehicles. Jeff Vizachero buys every vehicle himself. With extensive automotive background, Jeff feels more comfortable purchasing the vehicles that his customers will ultimately depend on. Once a vehicle is purchased it goes through an inspection service that Jeff refers to as "Certified First" ... a 30-point inspection before that vehicle is offered for sale. "Vizachero Motors" believes they have great vehicles to offer, from economy cars to standard, full size, mini-vans, SUVs' & pickups. Vehicles range in price from $ 2000.00 - $ 15,000.00! 

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